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For Penwortham, Preston, surrounding areas and International Students.

Specialist Dyslexia Literacy tuition from Dyslexia Direct Services

Specialist Literacy Tuition

Multisensory Phonics Programme for Reading and Spelling

This is suitable for any pupil with dyslexic type tendencies. The sessions follow the Hickey Multisensory Language Course which is a multisensory, structured, cumulative and phonically based program. As a specialist dyslexia program it meets the evidence- based criteria.  An informal assessment will identify where the pupil needs to start. For more information read my BLOG on Dyslexia Interventions.

Specialist sessions involve several varied activities, allowing a suitable pace to be maintained. Activities,  are designed to be motivating to engage and enthuse pupils. 

Reading & Spelling Programme 

through learning English Morphology

To become confident readers and spellers in English, you need to develop both phonological (sounds) and morphological knowledge (word meaning). 

In the early stages of reading, phonics is taught. For children with dyslexia, they can struggle to progress further with reading and spelling multisyllabic words (more than one syllable). 

 Morph Mastery, a morphological intervention programme, uses multisensory, cumulative and overlearning activities to learn English morphology. Research is increasingly showing that a morphological approach is particularly helpful for those that are having difficulties. 

A short assessment will inform where a pupil has gaps in their knowledge. A variety of activities  are used to add interest and maintain motivation.

Picture showing different types of punctuation

Other Literacy Skills

All these aspects of literacy can be affected by dyslexia. Sessions can cover all these skills and are taught using  multisensory  strategies.

Online Tuition

Microsoft Teams

Tuition can be carried out via MICROSOFT TEAMS using multisensory learning techniques. 

International Students

Sometimes an English speaking pupil with Dyslexia may live abroad and need specialist tuition. Online tuition is a good way of accessing a specialist dyslexia teacher to tutor your child. 

Dyslexia wider literacy skills including study skills

Study Skills

This can include help developing skills in:

dyslexia assistive technology from dyslexia direct services

Sessions can be given on an iPad or computer using free and low-cost software to support literacy difficulties including reading, writing and organisation.