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for Linda Wakeford


'We found the report very useful, it clearly identified areas of strength and development. The recommendations were clear and give a good level of guidance to us, as parents, to discuss with teachers.'

EW, parent

'You provided a very thorough and very informative report that will give strategies and suggestions for all the staff who support the pupil in school. It will be a working document for staff to keep referring to.'

SM, SENCO & Headteacher

Tuition & Support:

'I just want to thank you for all your support for both C. and myself. We wouldn’t be where we are without you. I wouldn’t know half the stuff I do and wouldn’t have had the confidence too approach school.'

AP, parent. Year 6 pupil, UK.

'Thank you for everything that you’ve done and all your hard work that you've invested in him. We’ve seen him improve immensely since he started tuition with you.'


GP, parent. Year 8 pupil, International school, Switzerland.

'He is getting more and more confident with words etc which you have been the key element to it, thank you.'

LH, parent. Year 7 pupil, UK.

'Thank you for the last few weeks tutoring, he has enjoyed it. I was a little apprehensive how online would be but you have made it just as interesting as face to face.

'Thanks for the great work you are doing with him.'

 CH, parent. Year 6 pupil, UK.

'It was great to meet you and you made her feel very welcome and at ease. She enjoyed her visit and is looking forward to returning tomorrow.' 

HP, parent. Year 3 pupil, UK.

'The sessions (specialist literacy lessons) were well structured and introduced new learning techniques where he has benefited from this approach.'

KB, parent. Year 5 pupil, UK.

 ‘Thank you for a great lesson it was wonderful to see him spelling 5 letter words…We would love to continue with his lessons.

’The difference in him has been amazing and I am so grateful for your help with getting him better.' 

 SM, parent. Year 4 pupil, UK.

The work you set is brilliant and I can see that he is making progress. We are in a routine doing the work in ten-minute sections or less and using plenty games so there’s no issue at all…I have found your input invaluable.’

AS, parent. Year 2 pupil, UK.


‘Thank you for all your help, its definitely helped her massively already.’

NM, parent.  Year 9 pupil, UK.

'I would like to thank you for the help and guidance you have given whilst supporting our son. The online games and package you have produced for him are outstanding and are really helping him.'

CC, parent.  Year 4 pupil, UK.

Assistive Technology:

'(Using assistive technology) ...has given me confidence, made me more independent and I like using it.'

Pupil, age 10.

Training and Consultancy.

Workshop for Teaching Assistants on Multisensory Learning.

'I learnt ideas for active involvement and learning, and that resources don't have to be expensive.'

Teaching Assistant