Back to school - Tips for Parents

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It's that time of year, the summer holidays long forgotten, a new class, a new school and lots of new routines. This can be quite stressful for pupils with dyslexia and their families. Here are a few tips.

Be Patient!

You can easily get frustrated with your child but be patient!


  • They will experience fatigue, as it requires a lot more concentration for a student with dyslexia to study and get used to new routines.
  • It may be difficult for them to settle down straight away to homework after school and they may need a little 'down time'.
  • Try to ensure that your child has a 'distraction free' space to carry out their homework.
  • That pupils with dyslexia have good and bad days.

First half term

  • Give your child's new teacher/s time to get to know them and you can also assess any specific issues that may need discussion and negotiation at the first parent's meeting.
  • If your child is on the SEN register, ensure that you get a copy of their targets and an understanding of how the school will be supporting your child to achieve these and when they are due to be reviewed.
  • If you have any concerns about your child after discussion with you child's class teacher/form tutor you should approach the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).
  • Developing a positive dialogue with the school is important to advocate for your child, and at times this can need some polite, yet persistant, determination.

Getting Organised - Promote independence.

  • Have spares of all stationery ready at home.
  • Have a timetable of things that are needed each day, use pictures or colour coding and put it in a prominent place.
  • Have resources at home such as A4 files, pen grips, highlighters, little whiteboards etc
  • A spelling dictionary, like the ACE Spelling dictionary -organised by spelling sound instead of alphabetically can be helpful.
  • Make learning as multisensory as possible, for ideas and suggestions see my BLOG on Multisensory Learning.

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A few resource ideas:

Many of these are free and I am not being paid to promote any of them.


If you need any specific help, relating to dyslexia you can contact me.