Training & Consultancy

For areas across Lancashire.

Dyslexia Training and Consultancy from Dyslexia Direct Services

Continuing Professional Development

I offer training in the following areas:

  • Dyslexia and Classroom Strategies.

  • Technology to support reading and writing.

Bespoke training can meet the needs of your school and staff.

Dyslexia and Classroom Strategies

This supports all teaching staff in developing their understanding of dyslexia, so that they are more able to identify dyslexic tendencies in pupils and understand how to support their learning. There are a wide range of practical multisensory strategies included to support reading and writing, suitable for pupils throughout the age range and learning stage.

Technology to support reading and writing


This can cover training on either iPads or computers and can introduce free and low cost applications that can be used to support the learning of pupils with reading and writing difficulties, as well as commercial software. The training is suitable for students, teaching assistants or teachers.


To discuss and compile a plan for suitable technology that will help develop your assitive technology provision for your pupils with reading and writing difficulties.

This includes:

  • iPads

  • computers

  • software