Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology

My specialist interest is in using assistive technology to help support pupils with literacy difficulties, it can be motivating and promote independence in learning. I give training sessions on either the iPad or computer to learn how to use inbuilt features or specialist software. I have knowledge of and can advise on some of the leading commercial products on the market. For further information contact me.

Dyslexia Assistive Technology from Dyslexia Direct Services

What is assitive technology?

Assistive technology can be software, hardware or devices, like iPads or computers that have assistive features that can provide valuable support to dyslexic students who have difficulties reading, writing, spelling or with organisation. Using assistive technology can improve independence and motivation in the classroom. Many of these can be free or low cost software.

How can it help people with literacy difficulties?

Many pupils find using assistive technology motivating and it can increase independence in their learning.

What can the technology help with?

Reading Support

  • ebooks, text-to-speech software, display accommodations, dictionary.

Writing Support

  • voice assistants (e.g. siri), speech-to-text, predictive text, spelling.

Study Skills

  • how to use Notes app -creating folders, files, drawing tools, checklist, formatting tools and embedding apps including voice recorder.

  • mind-mapping software.

  • software to organise and plan assignments.


  • voice reminders, calendars