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Linda Wakeford

Dyslexia Direct Services Linda Wakeford

I am Linda Wakeford, an experienced teacher who has worked in education for over twenty years. I have always had an interest in pupils with learning differences, particularly dyslexia. I am fully qualified to teach and assess pupils up to the age of 16 for dyslexia. 

My aim is to improve the literacy skills of those with dyslexic tendencies, develop confidence in their abilities, and offer guidance to families and schools on how best to support them.

I have a unique and highly specialist skill set. Alongside my teaching experience I have a degree qualification in speech and language therapy. This enables me to draw on all my expertise and knowledge whilst assessing and teaching. Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) sometimes have co-occurring difficulties, or elements of these, e.g. word finding difficulties or organisational difficulties, which requires a holistic approach to address all their learning needs.

Most of all, I understand that pupils need to be motivated to engage in an area of learning they find difficult. I enjoy being creative with the resources that I use in my sessions, so that pupils are motivated and can enjoy learning. I create a positive learning environment, where trust is built, mistakes are accepted and strategies to learning challenges can be discussed. Therefore, developing a positive mind-set and independence.

My area of specialist interest is using assistive technology to help pupils succeed in their learning. The range of resources available that are low cost and free to use on iPads and computers is revolutionary. This can include text-to-speech software to aid reading, writing software, mind-mapping apps and screen adjustments. I have attended courses and continually update my knowledge in this area. I can advise on suitable technology that can be used in exam access arrangements, like English Language G.C.S.E.

I have a current DBS check and a Practising Certificate from the British Dyslexia Association for assessment and specialist literacy tuition.